Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sweet Child O' the 90's

I am a 90's girl. I grew up watching Clarissa Explains it All, Saved by The Bell,  Blossom, and Beverly Hills 90210 and like most kids growing up in the early 90's, I watched MTV like every second I could get away with it! (Hello, I am still like the biggest Mariah Carey fan ever!) I was incredibly influenced as a kid by the world of  music and fashion. The 90's were my first memories of imitating the styles I loved and being influenced by what my older cousins and the girls on Full House were wearing. I have a very special place in my heart for the go with the flow, unpolished,---throw it together like you don't care --- looks that inspired me through the early 90's.

Plaid Shirt {c/o Charlotte Russe @ Summit Fair} Leather and Lace skirt {c/o Charlotte Russe @ Summit Fair} Gray T-shirt {Old Navy} Necklace {Maurices similar here} Bracelets {a bunch of different ones I had all put together} Bag {Rebecca Minkoff c/o Tulip Boutique} Sunglasses {Loft} Shoes {Maurices}

Don't get me wrong there were definitely some fashions and styles from the 90's that I wouldn't go back to, but there are several that are making a huge comeback. Overalls, Choker Necklaces, High Waisted Denim, Baby Tees and Crop Tops, Slip Dresses, and Birkenstocks. If you take a walk through the current retail stores you will see a ton of these trends. From 90's grunge to preppy street style you will see a little bit of influence in most of the current stores. 

I gave the 90's inspiration a rewind with this fun look. I tied flannel around my waist, pulled on my chunky heels, and added leather with lace. These trends are sure signs that the 90's are still alive and well. 

What do you think? Will you be incorporating the 90's vibe into your Fall wardrobe?



  1. That skirt is foxy! Haha and I haven't heard anyone mention Blossom in years. See you tomorrow night!

    26 and Not Counting

  2. Oh the grunge of the 90s..... I am a product of the 80s, so the 90s were something of a flash for me! I love you how you made a twist with the flannel! Cute, cute, cute!!

  3. Love this look on you girl friend!!



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