Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Black & White Classic | Summit Fair

Summer is in full swing! It's been hot, hot, hot, in Kansas City the last several days. Nothing but blue skies and early 90's temps..I love it! To keep cool I've been styling some of my favorite summer dresses with simple statement jewelry for an easy breezy look and some extra comfort during the warm days. Maxi dresses are always a summer favorite for me, but finding one with great fit can sometimes be a challenge. I'm short and I have a shorter waist also so a long maxi dress can sometimes look like way too much on me. Here are a few tips when looking for the perfect maxi to fit your body type. 

*Length - For me this is the most important factor because I'm shorter, but it can also be important to think about the length if you are taller as well. A maxi dress that falls right below your ankles is ideal. You don't want to trip on your skirt, but you don't want to look like your dress shrunk in the wash either. 

*Defined the Waist - Make sure your maxi dress has some kind of waist detailing. A drawstring cinch, a belt, or a seam, helps create balance in your proportions and will keep you looking slender. 

*Neckline - the neckline is another factor that makes a big difference when it comes to creating body proportion. A v-neck elongates your torso and it's important if you are shorter like me and want to pull off a long length dress. Another tip for elongating is to wear a long length necklace that will also pull your eye downward creating the illusion of a longer torso. 

Dress {Maurices} Purse {Charming Charlie in store} Necklace {Charming Charlie in store} Sandals {Charming Charlie in store} Sunglasses {Maurices}

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  1. Girl I know what you mean with this weather! KC has been heating up fast. Loving the outfit :)

    xo Helen @


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