Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I'm Nominated: The Pitch's Best of Kansas City 2019!


I found out today that several people have nominated me for "BEST LOCAL INSTAGRAM" in The Pitch Kansas City Best of KC 2019 Awards! 🎉

I'm so grateful to all my family, friends, and blog followers for so much love and just the fact that you are nominating me is so Ahhmazing! THANK YOU!

**During the Nominations round, write in your favorites in each categogory before the ballot closes on July 8. After all the nominations are in, you’ll vote on the top selections in every category. 

If you'd like to nominate me for Best Local Instagram for the 2019 Best of KC: 

* Choose the People & Places Category

* Scroll down to Best Local Instagram

* Type in "@jana_meister"

Find Me on Instagram HERE:

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  1. Replies
    1. Hey Jennifer -

      Thank you so much! I appreciate it! xo

  2. Voted for your girl! I hope you get it. You deserve it! Your IG is so perfectly curated.

    1. Hello Nicole! Thank you soooo much! I appreciate the support and kind words! xo Jana


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