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Kansas City Fashion Week Designer Spotlight | Christian Micheal

Kansas City Fashion Week is next week and I am pumped to be a part of another exciting season! I will once again be blogging/live tweeting from behind the scenes and stage side at the 3 large runway shows March 19th - 21st. It's been so incredible watching the Kansas City fashion scene grow over the last several years and so amazing watching KCFW become such a huge runway event that highlights our talented designers, stylists, and photographers here in KC! It feels great to be a part of a growing fashion scene with so many talented people making great things happen in the city that I love! 

To get you ready for the big shows, I wanted to introduce you to one of the talented designers that will be showing this season. Christian Micheal is one of the most recognized and respected design labels in Kansas City due to his incredible attention to detail and perfection in design and construction. He truly is one of the most talented people I have ever met, and I'm so glad to also call him a friend. I met him several years ago while we were both working on small local fashion shows in Kansas City. I was still in college doing everything I could to gain experience and he was one of the first people I met pursuing fashion design in KC. We have crossed paths several times over the last few years working on projects with Kansas City Fashion Week and supporting other local fashion events. He is always such a genuine guy and so supportive of other artists and designers in Kansas City. I'm so excited to see is Avant-Garde collection this season! He is a designer to watch who I know is going big places! Christian's F/W 2015 collection will make it's runway debut on Saturday March 21st at Union Station! 

1. What is your name and fashion brand? 
Christian Micheal Shuster - christianMICHEAL

2. When did you start designing? What inspired you to become a designer?
I bought my first sewing machine 7 years ago and am a totally self-taught designer and tailor.  I have always been interested and passionate about design as I grew up drawing and loved costumes, uniforms, and anything from the Napoleonic to Victorian Era’s. I really became serious about fashion design late in my 20’s and have worked very hard over the past few years to build a label know for high quality tailoring and on trend design.

3. Have you shown your work at KCFW previously (or is this your first time)?
I have shown a few times, but I did not show last year. This year’s collection will be my triumphant return to the KCFW runway.

|Atherton Photography|
4. What made you decide to apply as a designer for KCFW this season?
I was excited to return to KCFW with a new collection this year to show something completely new and never before seen from me.

5. What's one word you would use to describe your clothing/bags/jewelry line?

6. Where do you draw your inspiration from when you design?
I draw inspiration from everywhere.  Music, Art, Seasons, History, Fabric, Textures, Colors, anything and everything is an opportunity to drawn inspiration from.  

|Atherton Photography| 
7. What's your favorite thing about being a designer for KCFW?
The opportunity to showcase on what is one of the city’s biggest stages, and being a born and raised KC man I just love showing off at home and having fun with family and friends. 

8. What makes your latest collection or design aesthetic stand out?
This year’s collection for me will have no problem standing out.  First off as a menswear designer I already stand out of the pack but especially this year as my collection is an Avant-Garde Menswear collection.  You will see designs from me this season very different from anything you have ever seen from me in the past.  I felt over the past few years with my first few collections shown on the KCFW runway that those collections needed to translate well from runway to retail and be very on trend.  I felt that I needed to show I was a “real designer” with “real clothes” first before doing anything artsy or kitschy.  So I have been saving this Avant-Garde collection for a few years and I’m going all out.

|Atherton Photography|
9. Anything else we should know about your brand?
2015 will be a big year for cM.  We are releasing a new necktie collection for purchase through our website ( The collection will include 8 Neckties and 2 Bowties in all new designs available for direct purchase and shipping through our website.  Along with that we are releasing 4 new outerwear jacket styles for Fall/Winter 2015.  1 Shell Jacket, 1 Riding Jacket, 1 Double Breasted Pea Coat, and 1 Trench Coat all in ball denim with military design inspiration. Big things in 2015…………..BIG things!

Kansas City Fashion Week
March 19th - 21st, 2015


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