Thursday, April 16, 2015

Color Me Happy | Summit Fair

This dress right here is what I would call the "anti-little-black dress". It's so colorful and pretty, I couldn't help but smile while I was wearing it! As soon as I put it on I felt an instant good mood pour over me. That's the power of finding a good piece of clothing, that makes you feel pretty and confident, and one of the reasons I love fashion so much! When I am having a rough day or I don't feel my best, dressing up just a little bit more or adding a pop of colored lipstick always gives me a bright spot in my day. 

All the pieces of this look were found at Summit Fair, Sheath Overlay Dress {JCPenney} Nicole Miller Blue Blazer {JCPenney in store only} Bold Elements Double Layered Gold Necklaces {JCPenney in store only} Cream Satchel Handbag {DSW similar online} Nude Strappy Heels {Charlotte Russe}

There is something to be said about finding clothing that makes you feel better about yourself. I think it's called "dressing happier". Everyone has a day here or there that feels like nothing could possibly go right and the sun just couldn't shine bright enough. But, think about it, if you start the day in an outfit that you absolutely love and makes you feel good about yourself, it sets the tone for the whole day to just go so much better. 

I know I am kind of weird to some people when it comes to fashion. I put a lot of thought into my wardrobe and I've spent my whole adult life working in the fashion industry, so I naturally associate some of my biggest moments in life with what outfit I was wearing or what shoes I wore. I attach a lot of emotion to my clothing and I associate times in my life with certain clothes in my wardrobe -- good and bad. Think about it, do you have moments in your life when you remember something major happening to you and you can still recall the outfit you were wearing??? 

Clothing can be a really powerful tool when it comes to finding your self confidence. Every women has a different personal style and a different perspective on style. We all have a different relationships with the contents of our closets. If you have bad energy for something you have hanging in your closet, get rid of it. You won't feel good wearing it and it's probably wasting space. Give yourself a boost by choosing clothes that make you feel your best and that you associate with good positive feelings -- like a colorful water color print dress with a figure flattering silhouette. You never know, ditching that little black dress for something more vibrant could change your whole day! 

I found this look by shopping the stores at Summit Fair! Come out and Shop with me! 


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  1. Oh my gosh I love this look! I'm obsessing over that blazer! So cute!
    xo Emily

  2. What a gorgeous flattering dress for spring! So pretty on you!


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