Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Denim Advice from the VP of Marie Claire Magazine

Happy Wednesday! When I was in New York last Spring I had an amazing opportunity to talk with the VP/Publisher of Marie Claire Magazine, Nancy Berger Cardone! We had an great conversation about denim in the work place and how the philosophy of wearing jeans to work has changed so much in recent years. I saved her advice for this fall season because I know many women, myself included, often incorporate denim into our work wardrobes in the fall and winter months. I thought her insight was absolutely perfect and I wanted to share it with all of you as you prepare to transition your working girl wardrobes from summer to fall. 

What are three things that determine wearing denim to the office?

WHAT Industry do you work in? 
WHERE are you working?
WHO do you work for? 

What is your philosophy on wearing jeans to the office?

"You can wear jeans any day of the week, you can style your jeans how ever you want, BUT if your largest client calls you up and says "I have 2 million dollars of incremental money to spend, but I need to see you in 15 minutes" could you walk into that persons office and feel confident that you look professional." that should be how you determine whether or not what you are wearing with your denim is appropriate for the office.

Thanks so much to Nancy for sharing her Marie Claire Denim philosophy with me!

I'm headed back to New York on Friday for NYFW and can't wait to scope out the shows and designers! Follow along with me on social media and I will be sharing all of my adventures in New York right here on the blog when I get back!
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